Chancellor’s Troops
Hale Alaka‘i
June 20, 2019
11:00 am

  1. Description of Initiative
    1. Tableau is a business intelligence data access and visualization tool widely used in healthcare, media, financial services, manufacturing, retail and education that allows users access to access key information to help make quicker informed decisions and set priorities.
    2. The “Tableau Initiative” at WCC will explore the use of Tableau to improve data-driven decisions at WCC using dashboards to visualize data analytics.
    3. Why Tableau? The ugly, secret history of IR tools at WCC …..
    4. Example links:
      1. Tableau:
      2. Pierce College:
      3. Indiana:
        1. Graduation rates
        2. Time to Degree
        3. Degrees Conferred by Fiscal Year
      4. Kauai:
        1. Student Success
        2. Enrollment
    5. Windward: WCC Students on Oahu; QFE Info by Major
  2. The Challenge is to Effect a Culture Change in Institutional Information Use at WCC
    1. How to promote, advocate or otherwise develop support for the initiative.
    2. Per Tableau: Tableau will improve the ability to “Ask and answer question as they occur. Power your insights with advanced analytics, calculations, and statistics.” (imagine the applications in staff and committee meetings to answer questions and promote decision-making with data queries).
    3. Allow technical and non-technical users to interact with data.
    4. Track and measure improvement of institutional outcomes.
    5. Tableau can be linked to other data sources:
      1. Laulima, Canvas, Banner, Aqua (Watermark).
      2. UHCC Student Success Initiative.
      3. unit, department and ARPD annual and five year reports.
      4. supplement IROA DAPIR and internal ad hoc information.
      5. WCC grants.
  3. Time table of Implementation.
    1. Pending UHCC system (one year) and WCC purchase of software.
    2. Trial usage starting Fall 2019?
    3. Training for Creators, Explorers, and Viewers.
    4. Initial users: IR, Deans, Directors, Vice Chancellors, Chancellor.
    5. Other users: Department Chairs, Counselors, Faculty, Staff, Financial Aid, building usage, etc.
  4. Other Discussion and ideas from the Troops….