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PBC Submittal Form Definitions

Part II. Resource Information – Type of Request by Codes

OE: operating equipment

Equipment required to perform function of existing programs, not new program. (e. g., scales, microscopes); usually funded through annual equipment allocations.

OO: operating other

Other current expenditures required to perform function for existing programs, not new program. (e.g., educational supplies, software, non-equipment & non-personnel); usually funded through internal reallocation, (e. g., enrollment SSH formula based).

PN: program change request

PCR = All costs related to a new program being requested (e. g., personnel, supplies, equipment, as for the Vet Tech Program last year).

PW: PCR – workload

Substantial (PCR) request for additional funding for an existing program to meet increase in workload, otherwise funded through internal reallocation, enrollment SSH formula based.

PF: PCR – new facilities

Request for new facility related needs. (e.g., electricity, janitorial, and maintenance positions for Library building)

CP: CIP – new facility

Capital Improvement Project (CIP), e.g., Library Learning Commons Building.

CR: CIP – Renovation

Minor CIP funds allocated to address major renovation projects (e.g. Manaopono, Noeau/Laakea, Naauao renovations).

CM: CIP – R&M (Repairs and Maintenance)

CIP funds allocated to the system to address repairs and maintenance projects on campus that cannot be funded through regular campus operating funds (too costly).

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