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2018-2019 PBC Membership

The Faculty Senate member; Operational, Institutional, Academic Support, and Student Services members, WCCASUH member, Ke Kumu Pali member, and the OCCE member will be elected by their units to two-year terms. All other participants are members through their positions or are designated by their units.

RepresentationCouncil Member
Chancellor (ex officio, non-voting)Ardis Eschenberg
Chancellor’s Secretary (non-voting, recorder)Christine Pang
IEC Member (ex officio, non-voting) Frank Palacat
Accreditation Liaison OfficerJan Lubin
Director of Vocational and Community Educationtbd
Vice Chancellor of Student Services (interim) Heipua Kaopua
Vice Chancellor of Administrative Services (interim)Kelli Branvold
Interim Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs (interim)Charles Sasaki
Director of Institutional ResearchJeff Hunt
Director of Planning and Program Evaluation (non-voting)Jan Lubin
Academic Support MemberDavid Fry
Academic Support MemberMichael Tom
CCE MemberChar Akina
Institutional Support MemberSharon Nakagawa
Operational Support MemberAndy Li
Faculty Senate MemberJohnny Singh
Department Chair – Natural Sciences, or designeeSam Geiling
Department Chair – Humanities, or designeeMalia Lau Kong
Department Chair – Business and Math, or designeeDeacon Hanson
Department Chair – Social Sciences, or designeeToshi Ikagawa
Department Chair – Language Arts, or designeeLance Uyeda
Student Services MemberSarah Akina
Student Services Member – CounselorsKaahu Alo
Ke Kuma Pali MemberKalae Akioka
WCC ASUH Member (Kaahu Alo)Rene Hutchins
Phi Theta Kappa Member (Ryan Koo, Lane Uyeda)tbd
Staff Senate MemberDayna Isa

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