for use by the Planning and Budget Council (PBC) in decision-making
regarding the College’s resource allocations

Unit, Department or Program

Academic Affairs

Administrative Services

Chancellor Office

Office of Career and Community Education

Student Affairs

PBC Agendas, Meeting Notes and Scheduled Meetings

  1. September 6, 2019 agenda (Chancellor Expenditure Report and Survey Results, OEP, BSR) and notes; May 3, 2019 notes
  2. September 20, 2019 revised agenda, (PBC Form, Handbook) revised timeline and notes
  3. November 1, 2019 agenda (Strategic Directions and Performance Funding), revised timeline 2.0 and notes
  4. November 15, 2019 agenda (Meta Assessment) and notes
  5. January 17, 2020 agenda (OEP and BSR updates) and notes
  6. February 7, 2020 agenda (Administrative Services, CCE) and notes
  7. February 21, 2020 agenda (CO, Student Affairs) and notes
  8. March 27, 2020 agenda (Academic Affairs) and notes
  9. April 3, 2020 agenda (Academic Affairs) and notes
  10. April 17, 2020 agenda (survey) and notes
  11. May 1, 2020 agenda (survey review) and notes

Chancellor Memos

Chancellor’s Annual Report for 2018-19

Operational Expenditure Plans (OEP)and Budget Status Reports (BSR)

Operational Ependiture Plan and Budget Allocations (9/5/19)

Budget Status Report (9/5/19)

Budget Status Report (10/28/19)

Fiscal Year 2020 Business Office Deadlines (tbd in February)

Accreditation Documents

ISER Report (8/17/18)

Strategic Plan Action Outcomes 2015-2021

PBC Rating Survey Results (April 27, 2019 meeting)

2018-19 Rating Summary

PBC Rating Survey Results

Results to come out May 1, 2020

Strategic Plan Information

Performance Funding 2019-20

WCC Strategic Plan Action Outcomes (2015-2021)

WCC Actual, 2014

UHCC System Actuals, 2014

WCC Strategic Plan Action Outcomes (November 2008)

Other Information

DC Meeting and ARPDs

Program Review Timeline

Annual Report of Program Data (ARPD)