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Academic Affairs 2017-18 PBC

note: the PBC requests below are numbered sequentially for PBC discussion; the priority of each request is indicated at the end of the item, i.e., “P” for personnel, “OE” for equipment, “OO” for operating other, “CP” for capital improvement, and “CR” for renovation, etc. – see Request Codes Definitions; “t” indicates a tie in priority.


Office of Academic Affairs

17) Childcare Director PW5

18) Childcare Specialists (2) PW11

19) Childcare Furniture

20) Library Student Help OO6

21) Library Computer Assistant OO5

22) Distance Education and Electronic Resources Librarian PW8

23) Revised Media Equipment Replacement OE2

24) Multimedia Studio Technician PW4

25) Media Student Help OO4

26) Educational Communications and Technology Developer PW7

27) Video Studio Manager/Technician PW9

28) Technology Graduate Assistants for Canvas PW10

29) Computing Services Equipment Replacement OE1

30) Computing Services IT Specialist PW3

31) Testing Center Assistant PW2

32) Testing Center Student Help OO2

33) KaPiko Coordinator PW1

34) Supplemental Instruction OO1

Supporting Documents

Associate in Arts Annual Review 2016-2017

Associate of Arts Five Year Program Review 2012-2017

Academic Affairs Executive Summary

Academic Support Executive Summary 2016-17

Academic Support Five Year Review 2012-2017

Five Year Quantitative Indicators 2012-2017

Distance Education Report

Library Annual Report

Media and Duplication Services Annual Report

Computing Services Annual Report

Testing Center Assessment

Tutoring Services ARPD

Co-requisite English ARPD

Co-requisite Mathematics ARPD

Humanities Department

35) History Instructor PW12

36) Philosophy Instructor PW13

37) Hawaiian Studies Instructor PW15

38) Performing Arts Production Manager PW20

39) Garden Curriculum Facilities Manager PW23

40) Gallery Assistant PW14

41) Band Saw Mill OE3

42) Supply and Maintenance Funds Increase OO7

43) Computer Workstation with RIP OE7

44) Sculpture Studio Electric Kiln OE5

Supporting Documents

Annual Departmental Report

Quantitative Indicators

Hawaiian Studies ARPD

Performing Arts Production Manager Documentation

Language Arts Department

45) English Instructor PW24

46) Creative Media Student Assistants OO10

47) Writing Center and Speech Lab Student Aides OO8

Supporting Documents

Annual Departmental Report

Departmental Accomplishments

Quantitative Indicators

Speech Lab Annual Report

Writing Center Annual Report

Mathematics and Business Department

48) ICS Instructor PW17

49) Mathematics Instructor PW6

50) Math Student Skills Hub APT Position PW16

51) Portable Computer Rack and Laptops OE4

52) Career and Technical Education Facility/Center CP2

53) Mana‘opono 103 Renovation CR1

54) Mana‘opono 103 Classroom Furniture OE6

Supporting Documents

Annual Departmental Report

Quantitative Indicators

Natural Sciences Department

55) Botany/Microbiology Instructor

56) Chemistry Instructor PW22

57) Physics/Engineering/Astronomy Instructor PW18

58) Laboratory Technician Assistant PW21

59) BMGC Technician PW19

60) Operating Funds Increase OO3

61) Electrical Improvements for Uluwehi Shadehouse CR2

62) Aquaculture Growbed Lighting OO9

63) Neutraceutical Production, Training and Sales Facility CP1

Supporting Documents

Annual Departmental Report

Quantitative Indicators

AS in Natural Sciences Annual Review

Agricultural Technology Annual Review

Agripharmatech Annual Review

Veterinary Technology Annual Review

Social Sciences Department

Supporting Documents

Annual Departmental Report

Quantitative Indicators

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