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PBC Timeline


  • Review Strategic Outcome Measures
  • Chancellor’s Annual Report
  • Training on modifying Strategic Plan
  • Distribute data to Departmental Chairs for Departmental Report/ARPD
  • Training for Department Chairs on Departmental Report Template


  • Review UH Strategic Directions
  • Review UHCC Strategic Plan Update
  • ARPDs Completed Online
  • Planning and Budget Council Forms Initiated in Department
  • Training for Third Party Reviewers
  • Training on Analysis of Data


  • Align UH and UHCC Strategic Plans
  • Develop, Align, and Modify Windward CC Strategic Outcome Measures with UH and UHCC Strategic Plans
  • Department Chairs submit Departmental Report/ADRP to Dean, Director, or Vice Chancellor for comment
  • Departmental Reports/ ARPD submitted to Third Party Reviewers
  • Department Chairs revise reports as necessary


  • Go to Faculty Senate for Approval of Strategic Plan
  • December 15: Final Departmental Report due for posting on Planning and Budget Council site and ARPD due to System Office


  • Present Modified Strategic Plan at Convocation
  • Department Reports and ARPDs posted on the Planning and Budget Council web site
  • Training for Planning and Budget Council Members


  • Convener establishes agenda with key program and unit personnel present to clarify which PBC queries will be presented, and established the order in which they are presented
  • PBC reviews and prioritizes budget requests and allocations and submits final Summary Sheet ratings and recommendations to the Chancellor


  • Chancellor determines order of budget requests and allocations for supplies, equipment, position reallocation, and new positions.
  • PBC receives Chancellor report and rationale for any changes


  • Biennium or Supplemental requests submitted to UHCC System

Process begins again in August-September.

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