Chancellor’s Troops
Hale Alaka‘i 113
June 20,2019
11:00 am

  1. Description of Initiative
    1. Facstaff announcement email April 22, 2109.
    2. Previous Chancellor Troops discussion.
    3. Build awareness of the benefits of taking one more class
      1. time and money earned.
      2. lessen years to completion.
      3. faster track to career.
      4. transfer faster.
      5. more time with family sooner.
      6. support at WCC: childcare, counseling and tutoring, food pantry, HINET, financial aid.
      7. How to promote, advocate or otherwise develop support for the initiative.
      8. Start Spring 2020?
  2. How to Track and Measure Success of Initiative Outcomes
    1. Aggregate change in part-time, full-time, SSHs, GPA change, etc.
    2. Dis-aggregated tracking of students counseled and follow-up.
    3. Longitudinal study of cohorts: control and “one more class students”.
    4. Track time to graduation – one more class cohort vs control.
    5. Tie to Student Success Initiative.
    6. Track Cost per semester savings.
    7. Retention and Persistence.
    8. Success at the Next Level.
    9. Progress reports.
  3. Other Discussion and ideas from the Troops….