“College-based information” (CBI) is information that is developed from in-house and ad hoc studies requested by members of the College. CBI follows, when possible, the same data definitions and protocols as that used by Academic Planning, Assessment, and Policy Analysis (APAPA) of the Office of the Vice President for Community College (OVPCC) and the IR Cadre. CBI should not be interpreted as “official system information”.

Data Notes (data without analysis)

General Information

Home Campus, Elsewhere, SSHs, and Online, 2014-2018

Home Campus Elsewhere Online 2013-2018

Enrollments, Transfers, Degrees, 2012-2016

Courses Offered, 2007-2011

Courses Offered by Semester, 2006-2011

Enrollment by Ethnicity, Age, 2010

Enrollment by Ethnicity, Age, Gender, 2010

Disaggregated Enrollment, 2006-2010

WCC Students by Zip Code, 2006-2011

FTE Equivalents, 2011

FTE Student Enrollment, 2005-2008

Student Snaphot,2008-2009

Pell Recipients, 2008

Enrollment by Degree Type and Major, 2018


Fall Enrollment Comparision, 2014-2018

Fall Enrollments by Registration Status and Age, 2014-2018

Continuing and Returning Students, 2009-2013

Student Enrollment by Credits Taken, 2009-2013

Student Enrollment by Registration Status, 2009-2013

Persistence and Retention

Persistence Rates, 2005-2010

Persistence Rates, ATD, 2005-2010

Returning Sophomores, 2009-2011

Graduation and Transfers

Degrees and Certificates, 2014-2018

Academic Subject Certificats (ASCs) 2014-2018

Graduates Windward HS, 2006-2011

Castle Graduates at WCC, 2009-2011

Degrees and Certificates, 2004-2009

UHCC Graduation Rate Comparison, 2004-2008

UHCC Transfer Rate Comparison, 2006-2011

Title III

Title III Program Review Data, 2009-10

Persistence Rates, ATD, 2005-2010

Distance Education (DE)

DE Courses by Department, 2007-12

Distance Education, 2008-2009

Distance Education Enrollments, 2009-2010

Distance Education Pass Rates

Wishlist Study of DE Courses, 2007-2011

Snapshot of DE Courses, 2009-10

Snapshot 2 of DE Courses, 2009-10

Night Classes

Evening Student Information, 2011-2012

Evening Class Enrollments for WCC Home Campus Students, 2010 – 2013

Summer Sessions

Summer Enrollments, 2007-2009

Summer Enrollments and Success, 2011-2013

Program and Course Specific

AG Enrollment and Retention, 2007

AG Certificates, 2008-2011

Chemistry Success, 2005-2012

English 100 Transfer Rates, 2005-2008

English 22 to English 100

Hawaiian Studies ASCs, 2008-2012

Natural Science Degrees and Certificates, 2009-2013

Plant Biotechnology SSHs, 2009-2011

Plant Biotechnology SSHs, 2011-2012

Plant Biotechnology Enrollment, 2003-2010

Data Reports (data with in-depth analysis)

Title III

Gatekeeper Courses, 2007-2010