UHCC official assessments and program reviews are linked here. WCC assessments and program reviews are linked here and also as documentation for Planning and Budget Requests for each year of the PBC requests as submitted by each unit of the College.

Assessment and Program Review Information

Windward Community College decision-making is based on the strategic priorities established by the college in its Strategic Plan. The priorities of the Strategic Plan are based on systematic empirical review of all college programs found in Annual Assessment Reports and Program Reviews.

Annual Assessment Reports and Program Reviews are conducted on all academic programs and support units to provide data on which planning and budgeting decisions can be based. The overall focus of the empirical review is the collection, analysis, presentation and use of evidence to ensure that a high quality of education is being provided to students and that the mission of the college is being achieved. The process provides data from which the college can make informed decisions in the improvement of student learning and resource allocation.

The Strategic Plan is updated annually by the Strategic Planning Committee based on Annual Assessment Reports and Program Reviews. Each year after updating, the revised Strategic Plan goes, with department and unit requests, to the PBC. In September through February, the PBC reviews department and unit requests in conjunction with the Strategic Plan, and drafts a recommended operating budget and a legislative budget request.

The Institutional Effectiveness Committee oversees and coordinates all course and program assessments, and student learning outcomes.

This process assures that college resources are directed effectively to those programs that show demonstrated need. It assures our legislators, taxpayers, and tuition paying students that the college is making optimum use of resources to provide quality education.