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Academic Affairs 2020-21 Requests

Office of Academic Affairs, Academic Support, and the Academic Departments

Linked below are the documentation resources and the PBC forms for the Office of Academic Affairs, Academic Support and the Academic Departments for 2020-21.

(note: the PBC requests below are numbered sequentially for PBC discussion; the priority of each request is indicated at the end of the item, i.e., “P” for personnel, “OE” for equipment, “OO” for operating other, “CP” for capital improvement, and “CR” for renovation, etc. – see Request Codes Definitions; “t” indicates a tie in priority)


Academic Affairs

RequestSupporting Documents
NAAssociate in Arts Annual Review (ARPD)
9) Curriculum Manager PW2Academic Affairs Executive Summary
NAAcademic Support Executive Summary
10) Duplication Services Replacement Equipment OE1Instructional Development Services Annual Report
11) New Position Request: E-Learning Specialist PW3Distance Education Report Quantitative Indicators
12) Student Help Request- Online Program Support- IDS OO3
NALibrary Annual Report
13) Equipment Replacement OE2
14) New Position request: Media Technician PW10
Computing Services (CS) Annual Report
15) Student Help OO5Testing Center ARPD
16) Peer Tutors for Ka Piko Labs OO2Tutoring Services ARPD
Co-Req English
Co-Reg Math

Humanities Department

RequestSupporting Documents
17) 2021-2022 THEA Production Operating Budget OO4Annual Departmental Report
18) Theatre Production Manager PW6Quantitative Indicators
19) Theatre Instructor PW5
20) Woodcarving Studio Coordinator PW14
21) Hawaiian Language Support Position – Mānaleo (Faculty) PW9
22) Ahupuaʻa Studies Coordinator PW13Hawaiian Studies ARPD

Language Arts Department

RequestSupporting Documents
NAQuantitiative Indicators

Mathematics and Business Department

RequestSupporting Documents
23) M/B Career and Technical Education Facility/Center CP1Annual Departmental Report
32) Renovation of Mana’opono 103 CRQuantitiative Indicators
33) Mathematics Instructor PW

Natural Sciences Department

RequestSupporting Documents
24) Increase Natural Sciences Annual Operating Budget OO1Annual Departmental Report
25) New Position-Academic Support for Natural Sciences PW8Quantitiative Indicators
26) Full-Time, Tenure-Track Chemistry Instructor PW1
27) Full-Time Physics/Astronomy Instructor PW12
28) Full-Time Agriculture Instructor PW11
29) New Position – Licensed Veterinarian PW4AS in Natural Sciences Annual Review
34) Retention Current Vet Tech Educational Spec PW
Agripharmatech Annual Review
Veterinary Technology Annual Review

Social Sciences Department

RequestSupporting Documents
30) 1.0 FTE Faculty Geography Instructor Position PW7Annual Departmental Report
Quantitiative Indicators

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